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baby face and little bun


baby face and his little bun.
{the cutest ship on earth}

This is a community for Xiumin (Kim Minseok) and Lu Han from EXO-M. Anything and everything is welcome here from news and photos to fanfiction and graphics, as long as it is related to Xiumin and Lu Han as either friends or a couple it is perfectly fine. 


01. NO BASHING. This community is to celebrate the friendship and/or love of Xiuhan and so it must be filled with happiness and rainbows and Lu Han's smiles etc. etc. 

02. Use an Lj-cut for large images, fanfiction and graphics.

03. All fics (and art if it is explicit) must have a rating 

04. All fanworks must feature Xiuhan

05. Everything must be tagged


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