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26 December 2014 @ 11:20 am
[FIC] Snowflake's Where Made To Melt  
Title: Snowflake's Where Made To Melt - PART 1
Pairing: Xiumin/Luhan [side:Baekhyun/Jongdae, Chanyeol/Kyungsoo]
Rating: NC - 17
Genre: Christmas!AU, Romance, slight Angst
Length: 13k Words, Completed, One Shot (two parts)
Description: When two different snowflakes collide Luhan knows one of them will melt
Author Note: They aren't actual snowflakes. Also Merry Christmas to you all.

The First Meeting

The first time they meet is under painfully unforgettable circumstances neither of them were overly pleased with. Luhan had just finished handing in his twenty five page essay for ENB100 for the year right before cut off at exactly 11:27pm. Racing the first fallings of snow to his one bedroomed student flat nearly blanching on the spot as he finally manages to open the door with a click, kicking his right shoe off with the heel of his left, when his eyes land on the pile of clothes siting by the door. An offensively red sweater with deer antlers glaring up at him reminding him of the Christmas festivities his mother is holding the next day.

Kicking the remaining shoe where it lands somewhere in the kitchen, he skids on socks down the hallway to the door furtherest on the left. A resonating slam throughout the flat and a groan from the pits of hell could conclude his neighbours into thinking that the awfully handsome boy from the bottom floor who was always rushing around had finally lost his shit and put his head through a wall.

There almost staring back at him with non glowing dials and an un hilarious out of order sign his friend Jongdae had stuck to the front of his clothes washer confirmed the worst. It was still out of order and the “unintentionally” M.I.A repairs man a week before christmas was still yet to fix or replace Luhans brand new washer had not turned up once again to fix it. He was just as bad as the sales man who three weeks prior had praised the model for its long lasting resistant material it was made from, lying bastards.

So now here he was, after donning the warmest clothes he had and braving the consistent fall of snow his ass was parked on one of the pinching plastic red chairs the dingy laundromat provides, breath fogging up the tinged yellow glass from a thin layer of grime, heart shaped face scrunched up in disgust as he turned long lashed eyes out into the night sky watching as the snow falls heavier cursing Rudolph with his nose so bright and thinking of nothing better then lighting a festive fire cracker up the dry cleaners ass to hurry him up from his turtle pace of sorting through washed clothes.

With time to let his brain wander he thought back to the essay he had just handed in. The pressures of finishing his last year of his four year university course had the vein in Luhans forehead pulse. The past year had been a dead zone no friends, no time, no sex. He was married to his studies and if he wasn't just about to enter the Christmas break period he would of stapled his next exam paper into his neck hoping to bleed out and end it all.

The light tinkling of the cheap festive silver bells connected to the rusty metal framed door signalled the entrance of yet another late night customer. Christmas carols could be heard playing softly over the constant rumbling sound of the endless cycle of washing and drying machines and Luhan was just about ready to shove Rudolph s' nose where it could fit.

As Luhans eyes focused on the new comer he couldn’t help but stick his nose up in the air. What sort of weirdo wandered into a laundromat close to 1am and wearing what that person was wearing. A lemon coloured cardigan was wrapped around the newcomers body protruding over the many layers making the person look like one largely disfigured lemon. A festive green scarf was pulled tight over his face leaving a little nose and hamster like teeth poking out. A smudge of what looked to be purple goop was on the tip of his nose which was slowly turning red in anger as he opened his little hamster mouth to squeak in indignation at the laundromat owner waving what looked like a bright orange jumper in his face, typical who even dresses like a lemon on purpose? Maybe the orange jumper is a peach.

Luhan was quick to swallow back laughter when the laundromat owner waved his hands in Luhans direction seeming to explain something to the angry lemon. Mayday mayday angry lemon was stomping over to Luhan in beat to whatever shitty carol was playing on the radio, leaving trails of water from the slushy snow outside, some snowflakes still clinging to the lemons equally obnoxiously bright green beanie perched jauntily on his head. It was then Luhan realised that the angry lemon was brandishing an snowflake jumper a light tangerine colour and Luhans own bright red festive deer shirt his mother had sent him last year to wear for christmas, oh... shit.

“Oh shit is right Mr Lu.”


An investigation for how much the snowflake jumper (originally an off white) cost, 35,000 won was thrust into the lemons small hand and a short apology, blaming his mother as they sat opposite each other in the adjoining 24 hour coffee shop was given as an explanation. A young girl obviously a high schooler practically skipped to their table carrying the two watered down “dirt” looking coffees Luhan had forked out with cash, he had had to pool in his pockets for cash as no eftpos was available (who doesn’t have eftpos its all he uses) in another attempt to apologise. He snorted in disdain. He was in his last year of hell, he had an internship at a prestigious firm and with the newly fat paying internship had moved into a spacious apartment with its own laundry, he thought his days pooling for loose change and sitting in laundry mats had been over.

On further observation after the atrociously bright coloured cardigan has been removed and the equally offensive matching green hat and scarf a surprisingly good looking guy around his age stared back at him, despite a shock of orange dyed hair he had large inquisitive eyes that were currently looking at Luhan in accusation, pink shell lips puffier on the bottom and perfectly shaped eyebrow lifting in indignation, obviously cut up about his own shitty snowflake jumper. It was for the better good, all christmas sweaters should be burned in hell.

“They shouldn't all be burnt in hell and why thank you, you are attractive enough yourself... Mr Lu.”

A muffled curse in response as Luhan takes a second to collect himself.

“They are all equally atrocious but if thats anything to go by your colour choices well then its not my place to comment and thank you too, nothing wrong with indulging compliments to pretty things and it's Lu Han not Mr Lu, my name is Lu Han.” Cool calm and collected was lemon as his mouth split to reveal an equally pretty smile as his face, hamster teeth clicking together as he lets out a laugh. Luhan gulps more of his watery coffee down. The laugh from lemon warms him much more than the coffee though, the pull of attraction deep in his gut and the need to see that smile again.

“Minseok, Kim Minseok. You can call me Hyung or Ge, I picked up your accent and I think you are the pretty one here.”

Luhan sucked in a sharp breath.

“Not pretty pretty but I am pretty manly... Ge”

A cough and then the lemon, no Minseok, face was splitting into the open mouth grin again, cheeks scrunched up into little fat balls either side of the hamster smile and Luhan decides Minseok reminds him more of an Baozi bun. Luhan felt the warmth spread to the tips of his toes. So much so that when Minseoks right leg slips out from underneath him and he falls slightly forward a necklace on a long thin chain tumbles out from his many layers Luhan reaches out to grasp it.

So tight so that when he uncurls his fist there is a snowflake indent on the flat of his palm, the same pattern as the delicate silver one hanging from the chain. It's Luhans turn to raise his eyebrows in question when Minseok answers before he has time to ask, curling his own small hand over Luhans and taking what was his back. The skin on skin contact sent a zap through Luhan, to long from society did this to you Luhan thought.

“We have all heard no two snowflakes are alike and while the universal force of gravity gives them a shared destination, the expanse of space gives the snowflake the opportunity to choose their own path even if they are all on the same journey. Some snowflakes collide and damage each other whilst others join together and some are influenced by the wind. No matter what transition the snowflake takes, it always finds itself perfectly shaped for its journey. I guess I just find the parallels between snowflakes and life one big grand orchestration of nature.”

Luhan turns the words thoughtfully in his head as Minseok gathers his washing in a carry on bag, the purple gloop still adorning his little nose.

“Well pretty manly Luhan, this is where I leave you and your absolutely adorable antler sweater, have you been told you look like a deer even if your mannerisms are more that of a Dik Dik than a Gazelle. Thank you for replacing my sweater and the coffee, If you can call it that. Have a Merry Christmas.”

With that he turned on his heel and was gone, buttoning his cardigan as he headed the door, shoving the green beanie back over his head as Luhan drained the last of his coffee and regretted it instantly. He hadn't even had time to tell Minseok he hadn't something purple on his nose or even get his number instead he stared at the indent still evident on his palm, he found himself thinking that now there are two snowflakes the same before shaking his head and clambering to his feet getting ready to brace the cold outside on his way home.

The Second Meeting

They didn’t “collide” again until the following year, coincidentally a week before christmas again at a mutual friends trashy Christmas party where everyone rocks up in to tight pants, sipping strong alcoholic beverages and trying not to throw up on each others cheesy christmas sweaters. Luhan let himself in through the back door, already late as he hadn’t been fully successful on escaping his Mothers grasp earlier when she had dragged him back inside the family home by his sweater demanding more than declaring that Christmas family day wasn't over.

He waltzed into the kitchen ready to crack open the few apple ciders he had stolen from his parents fridge when he walked into something he wish he hadn't. It's not like he hadn't seen it before after sharing a university dorm with them for two years but the sight of Jongdaes head thrown back, arms braced behind him on the bench and eyes screwed shut as Baekhyun sucked him off on his knees on the heated kitchen tiles never failed to surprise him but hey who could curb true love.

They had been together strong for four years now, even more surprisingly is that they had gotten together during finals week into their second year of university where Luhan had walked in on them “relieving stress” on Luhans desk in his room. He had just shut the door and walked back out to play Xbox. He was happy for them. Before he had been on the scene he knew the two had been inseparable and fooled around during high school and it was obvious Baekhyun had gotten over his heart break when his fling their dork of a friend Park Chanyeol had started dating the quiet Do Kyungsoo from his music class.

Who also evidently were still seeing each other when Luhan walked out into the lounge room to see Kyungsoo wrapped up in the laughing Chanyeols arms. A small smile tugging at the corner of his lips obviously drunk enough to have Chanyeol show his over eager affection towards the smaller of the two. Luhan walked around aimlessly for a while it was good to catch up with school friends that went to different universities or even different countries. He eagerly bro fist pumped with Lay, his good friend that was also Chinese that he hadn’t seen for a month due to finals. They talked in quick mandarin, it felt good to use his native tongue again after not seeing him for so long.

A few drinks down and feeling the effects settle as a pleasant sensation of being plenty tipsy thrummed throughout his body as he unwrapped himself from Lay who was used to him as a clingy drunk and walked back into the kitchen, this time thankfully clear to grab another drink when hot breath ghosted across his neck and warm lips brushed up against his ear.

“You’re deer sweater is absolutely adorable, matches your pretty manly face perfectly.”

Luhan didn't even have to guess who it is even if he turned and the appearance was different.

“Hello Ge.”

Luhans slightly tipsy appearance was nothing to go by Minseoks, once a shock of orange hair was now carefully styled and as white as snow, his snowflake necklace was hanging free down the front of his equally white jumper, three snowflakes decorated the front of the tightly knit sweater. It was the pants that grabbed Luhans attention though, the last time he had seen Xiumin, he had been a disfigured lemon but now the oversize jumper gave way to too tight jeans with rips at the knees, firm thighs clenched as Minseok shifted from one foot to the other. Luhan returned to his face, inquisitive eyes rimed in dark kohl still on him and his head cocked to the side.

“You changed your hair.” Was all Luhan could choke out in his tipsy state. He was glade he didn’t choke out more, not that he would mind choking on something else, like Minseoks thighs.

“Yes I shaved the sides, I didn't think I would run into you again, I'm still upset about that jumper you know, it was my favourite.”

Luhan took another bold sweep up and down Minseoks body.

“Let me fix it Ge, let me make it better.” Luhan reached out to grab the swinging necklace slightly, gripping it tighter as Minseok regarded the slightly drunk boy in front of him carefully. The statement hung heavy in the air between the two.

“You look good Ge.”

Minseok didn’t have to lie and say Luhan wasn’t attractive, he was one of the most handsome persons Minseok had ever laid eyes on and this obvious chance of an encounter should surely count as a sign of some sort but Minseok wasn’t in a situation for any sort of relationship, a one night stand may sound enticing but he couldn't even commit to new friends and thats what he wanted more from Luhan.

“Why don’t you fix you and I a drink, we go mingle, thats why I'm here and well see what happens later?”

Luhan nodded, slowly and less calculated now that his brain was swimming with alcohol. His drunkenness over headed the rejection he was facing and he thrust himself more into Minseoks immediate proximity, attempting to push his freshly opened cider into his hands. Minseok didn’t have to bat him off as Jongdae rounded the corner pulling a considerably more drunken Baekhyun behind him.

“There you are Luhan, I didn't even see you sneak in, I see you have met Minseok, we used to work together at the coffee shop a block away from university, remember?”

'I remember Jongdae, I also remember that time I came home late from study with Chanyeol to something quiet explicit in the kitchen during our third year, I saw the repeat earlier. Thats why you didn't see me sneak in, you were to busy sneaking something in somewhere else.” Jongdae and Baekhyun didn’t even have the decency to blush. Jongdae just wrapped the tittering Baekhyun up in his arms to kiss him obnoxiously on the lips, shit eating twin grins on their faces when they parted to look at Minseok and Luhan.

“Oh it was worst at work, I didn't even know you could do that with donut glazing.” Luhan shuddered visibly, a lot of things added up why Jongdae would flush a horrid red colour when Baekhyun would offer him the glazed donuts Luhan was so fond of keeping in their shared dorm.

Jongdae flushes a deep red now and Luhan can't keep back the snort that bubbles over. He side eyes Minseok and they grin equally pleased with themselves, leverage on the enemy if you like.

“You two are evil and should never had attended here!” Jongdae swooped towards Luhan in an attempt to steal his drink but Luhan danced away, hiding behind Minseok and laughing into his ear. A shiver runs down Minseok spine as warm hands grip his hips.

“Way ahead of you Dae, Minseok and I already know each other.”

Jongdae nearly spat his drink on the floor. “Stealing my friends are you Minseok, god knows how you managed to weasel me into your life and then Lay and now Luhan. I give up.”

Luhan blinked trying to clear his clouded mind when a memory surfaced a few years prior.

“You’re the best friend who moved to China arent you and everyone used to joke I was the replacement in Korea because you had moved away, thats how you met Lay I assume who was my best friend back in my home town, I've heard of you from Lay, I can only assume you are Xiumin?”

The Chinese name rolls of his tongue effortlessly and Xiumin has to compress another shiver as the name ghosts down his neck. Luhan still invading his space and clinging to him. Minseok wiggled away feeling much to hot under the scrutinising gaze of Jongdae.

“Well, I guess I am, what a small world, what a coincidence the universal force of gravity gave me the opportunity to land near you.” Minseok winked at Luhan as Luhan scrunched his nose up cutely attempting to recall where he had heard that last.

Baekhyun was pulling instinctively on Jongdaes sleeve, he could either feel the atmosphere in the room change or he was in the mood to finish what they started. Either way Jongdae would comply, shuffling his feet as he waved bye to the other two, reminding Luhan that the usual bedroom was made up for him. Minseok didn't mind just twinkled his fingers and winked at Jongdae mouthing glazed donut. Luhan shifted into his view waving the bottle back into his hands.

“No thank you Luhan, I have to go now, I could only stay for half an hour. I have to drive home to finish my project.” Luhan gave a sympathetic nod. He understood how hard classes were and now that he had graduated, how hard the work field was.

“Let me walk you out at least, I live on the other side of town and me driving in this condition would only lead to disaster.” Minseok nodded.

They walked out, Luhan invading Minseoks personal space once again, leaning heavily on Minseoks side, face almost buried in his neck when they opened the door and they were assaulted by the cold air, little snow flakes falling and catching in Minseoks upturned lashes. Luhan sighed, tendrils of smoke leaving his mouth like a dragon, he looked so beautiful like this, his hair matching into the backdrop, reflecting the flashing coloured lights Baekhyun had obviously forced Jongdae to erect along the front porch. Under the florescent lights he could count how many lashed he had but also inspected the green and yellow goop near his right ear, what was this kid into.

“Mistletoe?” Minseok pointed above their heads.

Fuelled by alcohol or the clear invitation Luhan lent forward to capture the slightly puffier bottom lip with his own. Already pressed up against Minseok, he unfurled one arm behind Minseok, pressing the small of his back until their was no cold air rushing between their bodies, the other came up to cup Minseoks face, fingers lightly brushing over the short shaved hair on the sides, it was surprisingly smooth. He had assumed it would be brittle from the peroxide.

Minseok rested hands on Luhans waist, turning his face upwards as he slipped his tongue alongside the seam of Luhans lips, hearing the hitch in his breath and tasting the reminiscent of alcohol on his tongue. Luhan parted his lips greedily, tilting his head to the left he inspected every inch of Minseoks mouth with his tongue, carefully sliding across the top row of hamster teeth as Minseok grip tightened on his sweater. Minseok moans involuntarily when Luhan sucks on his tongue in a suggestive manner. Luhan felt like he was heating up from the inside out and the moan that left Minseoks lips only fuelled him on more wanting to know every dip and curve of Minseoks body, draw out every little moan and sound but it is Minseok who pulled away. Dropping a quick closed mouth kiss on the side of Luhans mouth he was running towards his car, waving behind him with one hand as he pulled the offensive green beanie onto his head.

He left before Luhan could tell him he had green and yellow goop on his face or get his number or tell him how beautiful he was.

Luhan walked upstairs drunkenly falling into a heap on his provided bed shifting as his hard on pressed uncomfortable against his to tight jeans. He fell asleep fully clothed and the gentle thud of what he assumed was Baekhyun and Jongdaes bedhead against the wall, they had no shame but who was he to curb true love?

The Third Meeting

The third time they met was three weeks before Christmas, not the ceremonious week before Christmas. Luhans works Christmas party is being held at the small bar where Lay actually works part time. Luhan has lucked in as he enters the bar dressed in his casual clothes, hair still gelled up as he spots Lay mixing a drink for no other than, Minseok.

Luhans breath catches in his throat, he is foolish he knows he could have easily contacted Minseok, gaining his number or email or even address from his two best friends but he was busy and the day after when he had woken up he remembered clearly the rejection Minseok had served him.

“Hello stranger, fancy seeing you here.”

Minseok turned with a start but his lips parted in his cheeky grin, cheeks puffing up and inquisitive eyes smiling. He patted the bar stool next to him. His hair was still the peroxide blonde though this time the sides weren’t shaved and his hair was pushed backwards and to one side, a quick glance downwards revealed tight leather pants, Luhans mouth felt dry but it wasn't until his gaze landed on Minseoks exposed forearms that he felt the pooling of heat unaided by alcohol coursing through his veins. Seeing Minseok without a christmas sweater was a shock and a blessing at the same time.

“You're early.” Luhan cocked his head to one side, his eyes clearly conveying his confusion so Minseok continued a little louder over the music. “You're two weeks early, we shouldn't be meeting again until Jongdaes Christmas Party.”

Luhan laughed loud and boisterous, so Minseok had been counting on seeing him too, he felt the flush of heat crawl over his skin and smiled back at Minseok. Lay arrived in front of them pushing a glass of water in front of Minseok and Luhans usual choice of poison in front of him. They chatted for a while about Lays work as a writer and the fact that he only worked two nights at the bar now as work had picked up dramatically and they had promoted him to cover more sections of the newspaper not just the weekly column. Luhan had groaned into his second drink, rolling the olive around his tongue as he complained about the eye strain he had from late night deadlines.

Minseok chided them, wisely telling them again that like the snowflakes outside, are all beautiful and different but can be a nuisance when caught up in a mob. This had set Lay for the constant complaint for the snow in the previous week though the tune of conversation quickly turned bubbly again when Minseok started telling them animatedly how his job was going well, his eyes lit up as he talked and as his tongue flicked out to nervously lick his bottom lip when he thought he had said to much made Luhan want to smash their lips together.

It was his forth drink that he nearly said his thoughts out loud as Minseok had run a foot up his leg accidentally had Luhan pressing himself closer into the warmth of Minseok to whisper in his ear about nothing and everything in particular, Lay had walked off to serve other bodies and left the two in their own world in the purple booth chairs. Luhan leaned in closer again to comment on how they should try to hook lay up with someone when his eyes focused in on the red goop across the base of Minseoks neck before he could inquire though a hand was being slid up his leg and resting dangerously close to his crotch area. He snapped to attention when Minseok turned to him.

“Want to talk some place quieter?”

They stumble back to Minseoks who's house is conveniently closer. Well Luhan stumbled and Minseok supported his weight. They stopped to make out when ever Luhan got a little to handsy and the burning touches of hands on cold bodies and the heat they created within each other whilst they kissed the cold away, left each other breathless and anticipating home more. They struggle up the hill to Minseoks studio apartment, Luhan almost does put his head through the wall when he slips trying to ease cold fingers up Minseoks shirt or down his pants. Minseok only huffs and pushes the key in quicker to unlock the door.

They fall into the entrance way, knees knocking against each other as Luhan pushes him against the wall. Minseok manages to gasp out what he has been wanting to say all night as Luhan nuzzles up the side of his neck, nipping as he goes.

“I want to show you something first.”

Luhan nods eagerly in agreement, nearly to eagerly as Minseok leads him by the hands down a hallway and through a large door adjoining to the house, almost like a garage. Inside it smells musky with the hint of something Luhan can't place in his drunken state. He grabs Xiumins hips in the dark and nips impatiently at the back of his neck, waiting for the lights to turn on.

When they do turn on and Luhans eyes have adjusted he can only mutter one word,.


Minseok turned with raised eyebrows and Luhan feels tired all of a sudden.

“Gloop, you always have a little gloop on you and now I know why.” He mutters tiredly, resting his chin on Minseoks head, hands snaking around to rub soothingly up Minseoks sides.

To this Minseok does laugh, echoing around the spacious room. Luhan drinks in the site of what looks like hundreds of art pieces donning nearly every spare space. A large space to the left side showed a large canvas unfinished. It explained why Minseok always had a little gloop on him, he was an artist, it also explains his choice in coloured clothes and hair and also why Minseok always smelt faintly of chalk.

“Let's get you to bed sleepy.”

Luhan tries to protest but he knows its to no use. He is steered back the way they came, shucking clothes as they went they land in Minseoks heated bed, Luhan on his side with Minseok curled up into his chest, arms loosely thrown over each other and legs entwined beneath the sheets. If he was to tell Jongdae about this any other time or circumstance he would laugh his non existent ass off and say he's the shittiest one night lay ever and never let him live it down but now wrapped up with Minseok and breathing in his oddly endearing coconut smelling bleached hair, tickling his nostrils with every breath he takes makes him feel the haze of warmth through his drunkenness.

Minseok mouths along his collar bone, nipping slightly at his neck before darting out a kittenish tongue to sooth the pain. Luhan tightens his arms and pulls him in closer, the stubble of Minseoks chin scratching slightly across his chest.



“I don't think anything would of happened anyways, I'm drunk as fuck I feel I might vomit on you any second.”

The shifting as Minseok moving around the bed and hopping off to walk across heated carpets left Luhan feeling empty. Was Minseok leaving him to sleep alone after his confession?

No, Minseok arrived carrying a bucket and a pack of pills and a 1L bottle of water.

“For tonight and tomorrow morning, why did you think I invited you back? It was better for me to ask you home then tell you you're messy and have you tell me that your manly and order five shots to down in a row to show me how much of a manly man you are.”

Luhan just bundled Minseok back into his arms, spooning him from behind whilst he poked a cold nose into Minseoks ear and snuffed loudly as the room spun.

“Go to sleep Luhan.”

He already was.

Luhan wakes to the rustling of sheets and a splitting headache. What he didn't expect was to wake up with Minseoks pretty mouth around his cock, pink lips stretched around the girth as he sucking obscenely on the head of it, tongue swiping languidly over the slit. He comes to fast, almost embarrassingly so after five long months of abstinence but Minseok drinks it all down letting out a little moan as Luhan runs his hands through the longer blonde locks, legs shaking in the aftershocks.

He returns the favour, tripping over the sheets in the process of haste when Minseok asks if he would like to take a shower, slipping down to his knees as he takes Minseok into his mouth like he was the best thing he had ever had, salivating out the sides of his mouth as he sucked and worked Minseok open simultaneously with two lubed fingers, pressing consistently on the spongy spot inside as he sucks him to completion. Minseok makes the prettiest noises when he comes, head thrown back under the spray of the shower head.

They step out of the shower sated and feeling much lighter as Luhan wraps Minseok up in a fluffy blue towel, his eyes peeking out from the top as they fall back into bed together, still slightly damp skin rubbing against the cotton sheets as they make a nest in the middle of the bed hunched over like little monks. Luhan pops two of the pills Minseok had left out for him, swallowing them dry, and peers through slitted eyes at the little ball next to him. He reaches a hand out and gently pokes the wiggling mound until those inquisitive eyes reappear now makeup and sleep crust free.

Luhan manages a croaky whisper through dry lips, “Morning.” The lump just blinks back slowly before unfurling, sticking one leg out and stretching languidly. The tight thigh muscles with the slide of a single drop of water has the tight coil of arousal spread throughout his abdomen. Another languid stretch this time paired with a yawn and a fluttering of lashes had Luhans heart beating faster. He tentatively poked out a toe to run down Minseoks bare leg.

Luhan didn't have time to blink before the lump was upon him nestling into his neck. The strong scent of coconut assaulted his nose but he realised with a little grin he smelt the same.

“Not a talkative morning person Ge?” A hand spidered up his chest, feeling around his chin as fingers continued to his lips to clamp his mouth shut, questioned answered obviously not one for a morning chat. Instead the blonde head turned trying to find the clock to read the time. Luhan wasn't having him escape, grasping him harder as the sheet slipped sideways, Minseoks bare leg resting dangerously close to his nether region.

“It's 7:30am Ge.” The sheets slipped completely off as Minseok sat straight up, wrenching himself from Luhan grasp exposing the taught forearms and stomach. Luhan gulped visibly.

“I'm sorry but you have to go.”

“Oh.” Luhan felt a bit whip lashed, he thought they were on a good path to friends and he wasn't the one who woke the other with a blow job from heaven. He had again visibly shown some form of communication through his eyes because Minseok was edging fingers soothingly across his thighs.

“Not like that pretty boy, I have to finish this piece by next week and every day I am working 6:30am to late at night. I can't slack off. You know how it is.”

Luhan did know how it was so he gathered Minseok in his arms, parting the others legs either side of his lap as he pulled him into nip at his bottom lip.

“This morning was fun, we should do it again some time.” Luhan wasn't hesitant in what he wanted and he clearly wanted Minseok the way his hard on was pushing against the sheets to fit in between Minseoks naked cheeks. Minseok didn't blush he just wrapped his arms around Luhans neck and ground down a little but not hard enough to elect anything further.

“Your clothes are folded in the chair in the corner off the room and your shoes are placed adjacent to the front door, I hope you can find your own way out, I really do have to go.”

Luhan scanned the room for the chair as Minseok slid off him, bending blazingly down, swaying his hips a little to the side as he picked up a robe from the floor. The room was in immaculate state, his clothes folded regimentally, his socks even rolled and the bucket and other things had been swept up and put away.

Luhan glanced calculating his next question when Minseok answered for him, “Yes I do have a mild case of OCD and before you ask how thats possible for an artist, my studio is my work of mess and my home is my sanctuary and yes my sexual life is as thorough as my cleaning, I suck dick like a pro.” A wink in Luhans direction as he tied the knot in his robe and fixed the top half so his necklace swung out from its confinements had Luhan gape.

“You do.” With that Minseok waved a little and was out the door.

He left before Luhan could tell him to get as much goop on him as he can or get his number or tell him how beautiful he was naked and shuddering as Luhans name passed through his lips.
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