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23 December 2016 @ 08:50 pm
It was Christmas Eve, the weather was really extreme that day, a snow blizzard was coming so all roads were blocked and all the flights were cancelled.

Luhan was sitting in his living room sipping vine from his glass , he almost finished a complete bottle. He arranged a small Christmas party for his boyfriend and his family but due to the weather his boyfriend’s flight was cancelled and his family was unable to come either. It was supposed to be a happy night but it turned into a lonely one.

Xiumin, Xiumin-ah, Baozi, why didn’t you come? You promised you would come???

He was drunk talking to himself, eyes glued to the ceiling and he was so numb he didn’t even felt warm tears rolling down on his cheek.

He tried calling Xiumin’s phone but there was no reception either so he decided to pour himself some more vine. After a long busy year he deserved some relaxed time with his family but he couldn’t even have that on Christmas. He felt really lonely that day, he  planned everything for Christmas but now all of his planes were ruined.

His head was throbbing with pain due to uncontrollable crying, he decided to sleep in his room but as soon as he stood up from the couch he tumbled on his feet and fell on the ground. Eyes started to water again , he felt helpless. He heard the front door creaked open Luhan was scared all of the sudden. His body was numb and if it’s some intruder Luhan was not in the position to defend himself.

He watched a blurry image appear form the front hall running towards him. He tried really hard to focus but his eyes were too blurry form the tears, but he can recognize the smell. The person is wrapping him in his arms now, he can’t believe he is here, he couldn’t believe he is finally in Xiumin’s arms but too wasted to actually see his face.

Xiumin lifted him form the ground, and took him to the bed room, kissed his forehead and wiped his tears. Xiumin heart was broken at such sight of his boyfriend.

Sorry Lu-ge, sorry I am late but I am here.

He hugged Luhan tightly in his arms and they both slept in the same bed after being separated for more than 6 months.

Next morning Luhan found himself alone in the bed again, his hands wandered around the sheets to find Xiumin but there was no one there. He  was barely able to lift himself up from the bed due to hangover, his head was spinning and he was having a panic attack. The thought of not having Xiumin by his side was causing him difficulty in breathing. He knew he was not hallucinating last night when he felt himself in Xiumin’s arms





Where are you? Why are you hiding from me Baozi?

He started screaming and tried to run out from the room to find Xiumin.

Suddenly he was again wrapped up in Xiumin’s arm. The warmth of his touch was too familiar and it helped him to calm down a bit. Xiumin was hugging his boyfriend tightly, rubbing his hands against Luhan’s back to comfort him.

I am here baby, why are you crying??

I thought you left, Xiumin, I thought you never came, I thought you left me alone Xiumin-ah

Xiumin was now worried for Luhan, he had no idea that Luhan was feeling so lonely.

I am here baby, its ok don’t cry please, I am not leaving you alone Lu.

Xiumin hugged him a little harder to assure him his presence.

Xiumin gave him some aspirin to cure his hang over and made him pancakes and coffee with bacon.

How did you reach here last night? The weather was too bad. Luhan asked while chewing a piece of bacon

Well I have my own ways to reach here . Xiumin smirked

Come one Baozi, don’t tease me and tell me. Luhan whined

Our plane landed in Beijing and I took a private car form there, it broke down in the way two or three times due to heavy snow and blizzard but I somehow manged to reach here safely

Two or three times??? Are you serious? You risked your life to reach here? What if something would have happened to you in that severe weather?

Well I was not the one in danger was I? Do you remember our condition from last night? If I wouldn’t have reached here you would have been lying on the cold floor all night.

Luhan rubbed the back of his neck to hide his embarrassment

I was missing you Baozi he replied shyly

I know Lu Lu , I missed you more that’s why I came and the weather was not going to separate me from you on Christmas eve

Xiumin kissed Luhan’s lips, it felt nice to kiss his lips after long time. Luhan wrapped his arms around Xiumin’s neck and gave his boyfriend a proper welcome back to their home.

Your family didn’t come? Xuimin asked

They couldn’t because of the weather, but I think we should visit them since weather is better today

You want me to go with you to your family’s home on Christmas day? Do you know what does that mean? Do you know what would they think

Xiumin was flustered all of the sudden. Luhan wrapped his arms around Xiumin wait and back hugged him

I know Baozi, I exactly know what does this mean, and you were going to meet them here anyways so what the big deal?

Yah but it, I am just nervous to meet all of them, there will be more relative back at home.

Luhan kissed Xiumin’s cheeks softly

Don’t be Baozi I will be by your side all the time, come on lets open your presents

Lu-ge you didn’t have to buy me presents I am not a kid anymore.
Xiumin pouted

Why? That means you didn’t buy me any? Luhan tried to tease Xiumin

Off course I did. Xiumin hit Luhan playfully on the shoulder

Then let’s open them together

Xiumin brought Luhan’s favorite candies and snacks from Korea, his favorite socks, and most important one a watch and their matching hats. Luhan brought Xiumin so many presents Xiumin lost count of them. Luhan was in love with Xiumin he just wanted to make Xiumin happy since they were meeting after a long time.

After opening presents they decided to clean up and leave for Luhan’s house. Xiumin brought presents for Luhan's family from Korea he really wanted to impress them since it was his first time meeting them. Xuimin was  very nervous, his heart was pounding so loud in his chest but he didn’t want to let Luhan know about his anxiety but Luhan somehow knew Xiumin is anxious. Xuimin was really good at hiding his expression , but he was always unable to hide them from Luhan. Luhan squeezed his hands to assure him that everything is going to be alright.

It was a 3 hours’ drive, they had a lot of time to chat. Luhan was driving since Xiumin was still tried form his flight, but Xiumin was having a hard time trusting Luhan due to his bad driving skills. Xiumin couldn’t keep his eye open after few minutes in driving, he fell asleep and Luhan couldn’t help but stare at his face again and again. He loved watching Baozi’s sleeping face, he looked so calm and cute. During the time he was staring at Xiumin’s again and again he almost hit a tree and Xiumin almost  killed Luhan, so Luhan decided to concentrate on the road from now on.

They finally reached Luhan’s home, they were standing infront of his home and Xiumin just forgot to breathe in that moment.

Breathe Baozi, it’s going to be fine

But what if they won't like me?

They will like you trust me

Luhan took Xiumin’s hand in his own, they intervene their fingers together and finally knocked on the door. .

Luhan’s mom opened the door and she was more than excited to see his son back home for Christmas. She couldn’t hide her surprise and hugged Luhan tightly when all of the sudden she saw another figure standing beside him and she recognized him at once. She hugged Xiumin tightly as well and gave him the warm welcome he deserved.

Luhan introduced Xiumin with everyone as his boyfriend, Xiumin was shocked to see that everyone was really friendly with him, he didn’t know people could be that accepting to gay people these day. They ate dinner together, Xiumin was embarrassed to know that Luhan specifically asked his mom to make Baozi for the dinner, but they all had a good laugh about it. Xiumin presented his gift for the family. He was happy that Luhan’s family has accepted him, his heart was now beating even faster but not with nervousness but with happiness.

They all sat around the Christmas tree to open the presents Luhan's mom brought for the couple, when all of the sudden Luhan took Xiumin hand’s in his own and asked him to stand up. He got down on one knee and Xiumin’s jaw dropped to the floor.

He is not going to do it here, is he? He thought to himself.

All of the family members were surprised as well, there was a loud gasp when Luhan took out a ring box out

Baozi! Luhan smiled at Xiumin

I have been in love with you since the age I didn’t even know what love was. I never could have imagined that my soul mate is living thousands of miles away from me, but our fate brought us together. You were my support when no one else was, you was there for me when no else was, you give me your warm bed when I was sleeping on the cold floor during trainee days. You took care of me in the hardest time of my life, and even though I always try to be your rock but still  I would never be able to repay for the amount of love you gave me.

Luhan stopped and tried to hold back his tear, his voice was breaking

Baozi you know how much I love your face and your smile, I love how every time we are together  you wake up early to make me breakfast, I love how you arrange my closet for me because you know I am a mess without you. I cannot explain how my heart hurts whenever you are way from me and I don’t want you be to away from me anymore. I love you with all of my heart and I want you to be by my side for rest of my life.

Luhan broke down in tears

Kim Minseok Will you let me be my partner for life? Will you marry me?

Xiumin’s was crying, his eyes were blurry and he was trying to stop himself from sobbing by placing his hands over his mouth

Luhan looked at Minseok longingly

Yes Luhan I will marry you, I love you too Lu-ge

Luhan placed the ring on Xiumin’s finger and kissed him on the lip and hugged him tighter. The whole room was filled with loud cheers and claps for the happy couple.
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